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  1. We donated a Protection Detail to the fantastic New Life charity ( which was auctioned at their annual Golf day in Newbury.

    Today the Shogun was treated to a multi-stage deep clean of the exterior including a citrus pre-wash, snow foam, de-tar, Iron-X fall out removal and wheel, tyres and arches also deep cleaned with various chemicals and brushes before hand washing with our own DMC shampoo and mitts. After the washing stage was complete the car was taken inside the unit to be towel dried and wiped down with Bilt Hamber cleanser fluid. A single gloss enhancing machine polish was then carried out with Bilt Hamber cleanser polish and finally the car was waxed with Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax to give some solid protection. Tyres and plastics were treated with CarPro PERL, interior all cleaned and treated with Aerospace 303 plastic protectant.