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  1. “Many people the world over believe that if a bird lets loose on you, then good things are coming your way. One idea is that it's a sign of major wealth coming from heaven, based on the belief that when you suffer an inconvenience (albeit a pretty gross one), you'll have good fortune in return.”

    Whether you believe it to be a sign of good fortune or not, if a bird poops on your car then it is best to remove it SWIFTLY and SAFELY.

    Ideally you would get your pressure washer and give your pride and joy a safe wash as quickly as possible. However, we know that things are rarely that simple.

    Another solution we use is to simply get a bowl of hot water (the hotter the better) along with some kitchen roll or paper towel. Soak the paper and place this on top of the bird lime and leave for a minute or so. As you remove the paper towel you will see that it has helped to break down the droppings enough that they come away with it.  If not repeat the process another 2-3 times until it has disappeared.  

    The best way to prevent long term damage from common hazards is to ensure your paint is properly protected in the first place. In our opinion the best possible protection is CQuartz Finest paint sealant. Some of the paste waxes and sealants we use will also provide protection if they’re kept on top of. 

    Even the highest level of paint protection is at risk from strong bird lime if it’s left too long term. So the best advice is to remove it SWIFTLY and SAFELY.