New Car Protection Detail


  • Snow foam / Citrus pre-wash to safely remove loose contaminants from the paintwork followed by a 60 Degree hot pressure rinse

  • Ultra-safe hand wash with our own Ultra Gloss Bodywash+ pH neutral shampoo, lambswool wash mitts and 2 buckets with grid guard system

  • Dedicated Tar remover applied to all surfaces (incl wheels if safe to do so)

  • All purpose cleaner used with various brushes to safely clean gaps, vents, grills, fuel filler & door shuts / jams

  • Wheels cleaned inside out with non-acid gentle wheel cleaner and multiple brushes (See protection options at the bottom of this page for further info on wheel coatings).

  • Tyres and wheel arches scrubbed clean with multiple brushes and all purpose cleaners / degreasers.

  • Iron & Fallout remover applied to safely break down contaminants bonded to paintwork and wheels

  • Clay bar treatment to ensure a glass like contaminant free surface (if required)

  • Pure water rinse on all surfaces
  • Safely dried using deep pile plush drying towels and an electric hot blow dryer

  • Single stage gentle machine polish to restore gloss and remove any light marks inflicted from new.  (If more correction required this can be done at further costs)

  • Glass cleaned inside & out ((See protection options at the bottom of this page for further info on glass coatings).

  • Durable Wax or Sealant applied (multiple options available to be discussed from basic waxes to top end ceramic coatings).

  • Exhausts polished and sealed (Exposed areas where possible)

  • Trims & Tyres cleaned and treated with a long lasting dressing (non-flick) 

  • Leather can be coated and Fabric protection if you choose to have the interior protection along with exterior.

    Further info on protection upgrades available:  Paint protection options