Paint Protection Options

In this section you can learn about the different options you can pick from in terms of protection.  Protection is the final and possibly most important stage of having your car detailed so please read through and feel free to ask us any questions.  

Any of these treatments are available as a bolt on to any of our detailing packages, in some circumstances some of them may be included depending on which level of Detail you go for.  We can't list the vast amounts of products available to us but we have picked a few of our more popular options and recommended products.

We are proud to be officially authorised to offer some of the best modern coatings on the planet from the following manufacturers, all of which we have been tested, proven and authorised to use on your vehicle.  These products are made and tested in dedicated manufacturing facilities all across the world from Italy, USA & S.Korea.

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Dodo Juice

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DMC Gyeon Approved     SONAX-PROFILINE-CeramicCoating-CC36-Menu     images

Being approved by these manufacturers allows us to offer their professional grade / approved only coatings as follows, all with Manufacturer backed warranties.

Feynlab Heal-Lite self-healing 5 year ceramic coating
eynlab Ceramic Plus
Feynlab Ceramic V2
Feynbal Ceramic Lite   



Gyeon Q2 Duraflex (Gyeon Certified Detailers only) 


Gyeon Q2 MOHS+ (Gyeon Certified Detailers only)

Sonax CC36 Ceramic Coating (Approved Sonax Detailers only)


Dodo Juice Infinity Quartz Nano coating


There are many other coatings on the market, most of which we have tried and tested so if you have any specific products you'd like used on your car we are more than happy to oblige where possible.

In addition to Paint protection, we also offer the full range of CarPro Cquartz, Gyeon, Dodo Juice and Sonax Interior, Wheel, Glass and plastic coatings and also some from Gtechniq, Nano Pro & Kamikaze.


KKD R-Evolve ceramic wheel coating :

Gyeon Q2 Rim ceramic coating :



Gyeon Leather Shield :

Gyeon Fabric Coat :

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric :


  • 6 to 18 months durability
  • Highly oil & water repellent
  • No change to fabric look or feel


Gyeon Q2 View :

Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant :

G-Techniq G1 Clear Vision Smart-Glass :



Gyeon Q2 TRIM :


The other "out of the ordinary" options we have in stock are:


Swissvax Crystal Rock Wax (£800 a pot) available from £40 upwards depending on the vehicle.

Swissvax Best of Show Wax (£200 a pot) - available from £25 upwards depending on the vehicle.


Zaino Z-5 PRO Show car Sealant (for darker colours).

Zaino Z-2 PRO Show car Sealant (for lighter colours).

e also offer a full range of options straight from our Wax fridge from Dodo Juice, FinishKare, Collinite, Migliore, Chemical Guys and all the other well known brands.


You've probably heard more and more about Paint Protection Film or "PPF" as some refer to it as.  We have been fully trained in the UK to offer Premium Shield paint protection film.

By combining an industry first, patent pending, clear coat with a tried and true aliphatic polyurethane resin, PremiumShield® products are the ideal protective film for any surface. With non-wrap kits as well as those that ‘wrap’ your exposed edges, PremiumShield continues to be an industry leader in paint protection for your vehicle. PremiumShield has been tested worldwide with results that prove, time and time again, that our products are among the clearest, strongest paint protection films on the market. We are so confident, we give PremiumShield Elite a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

PremiumShield has already gained OEM approval and is being installed on vehicles at the OEM level across the world.

We are also able to offer films from other manufacturers such as SunTek, Hexxis or Llumar and have the option for factory approved Xpel installers to attend and use their film if required.