Services & Prices

Below is a few examples and prices of what we currently offer, each quote can be altered to meet your exact requirements so please feel free to Email or Call to discuss it in more depth as it really depends on the car and what you want doing, and obviously these prices are a guide but the biggest factor being the size and overall condition of the vehicle.

Detailing Treatments (Please click on the below to read more).
All prices are subject to VAT.

Winter Protection Detail £200-£450 - A deep clean to remove all surface contamination, single stage paint cleanser to deep clean paint further and a long lasting ultra durable wax or sealant applied to all surfaces to see you through the harsh winter. (1-2 days)

Protection Detail £200-£450 - A deep clean to remove all surface contamination, a slingle light polish to restore gloss and a layer of long lasting Wax or Sealant.  (1-2 days)

Enhancement Detail £400-£950 - A deep clean to remove all surface contamination, 2-3 stage machine polish to give a very good level of paint correction (usually 70-85% correction), completed with a long lasting Wax or Sealant.  (1-3 days)

Ultimate Detail £750-£2000 - Exterior, Interior & Engine bay all given our most comprehensive treatment possible, maximum paint correction carried out including wet sanding where needed to remove deeper marks, 3-4 stage correction (whatever is required), the pinnacle of detailing services available.  (3-10 days)

New Car Protection Detail £250-£750 - Ultimate service protection for interior and exterior surfaces with high end waxes and the worlds best ceramic coatings also to pick from to give the ultimate protection available.  (1-3 days)

Interior Detail £75-£200 - Rather than a quick vacuum your interior will be given a thorough deep clean using a steam cleaner, wet vac and deodourizing machine, this will deep clean all surfaces to get the interior back to as good as possible.  (0.5-1 day)

Any of the above exterior details can be altered to suit your specific requirements or needs so please feel free to talk to us about what you want to achieve and if you would like to upgrade to any other service we will always look to help and advise on the best options and services to suit.

Other services available:

  • Headlight restoration, 3-stage wet sanding to remove deep scratches or damage followed by 3-stage polishing (from £40 per side)
  • Brake calliper & hub painting in a choice of colours - includes wheel cleaning and protection applied (from £55 per corner)

  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing £50-100

  • Graphics / Decals applied (can also be supplied)

  • Performance modifications and enhancements (can also be supplied)

  • Wheel Refurb (only available if left for 2-3 days) - This is soon to be a 1 day service but details to follow

  • Window Tinting can be arranged with prior notice

  • Hydrographics through our sister company "Perfect Coating" based from the same site

  • Full in-house shop to supply most products you would need to maintain your car following a professional detail.