Winter Detailing



At that time of year, the gritters come out to play and the roads turn into a car's worst nightmare!

The best thing you can do for the winter is have some quality protection applied to your paintwork.  This will help protect it against the salt, rain, ice, snow and anything else that we'll have to deal with in the winter. 

Our Winter Package will keep your car going throughout winter into early spring and will make the car easier to keep clean throughout the coming months when you do get the chance to give it some TLC.

The standard Winter Package starts with DMC's ultimate multi-stage wash process:

  • Citrus Pre-Wash applied all over the entire car 
  • Rinsed at 60 degrees 
  • APC and a detailing brush used to clean all vents, grills, mirrors, window runners and badges
  • Wheels deep cleaned using various wheel cleaners including CarPro IronX to remove any fallout and brake dust that's embedded.
  • Arches cleaned with Meguiars APC & Super Degreaser and multiple brushes
  • Hand washed with DMC Ultra Gloss Bodywash+ and our fantastic Ultimate Wash Mitt (100% Merino Wool) via the usual 2 bucket method
  • Tar removed from all surfaces (incl wheels where safe) using the best tar remover on the market
  • Dedicated fallout remover sprayed over paintwork to remove any fallout and iron particles.
  • Clay bar** used to remove any remaining contamination from the paintwork **if required
  • Moved inside to be patted dry gently using DMC Twisted pile MF towels and an electric hot air dryer.

Following this we will machine polish the entire vehicle in a single stage with a mild paint cleanser / polish to remove some of the light swirls and damage but mainly to further deep clean the paintwork and prep it for sealing / waxing.  Usually Gyeon Primer is our choice of product as it restores gloss to a fantastic finish but also removes far more in terms of light swirls, than most paint cleansers we have tried.

The vehicle is then completely wiped down with a dedicated de-greasing product such as Gyeon PREP to ensure a squeaky clean surface ready for protection.

**UPDATE FOR 2019-2020**  We now apply Gyeon Q2 Cancoat Professional "light" ceramic coating for 12-18 months protection, see here - this is applied at no extra cost.

Plastics and Trims treated and protected.

Tyres all dressed and cleaned, exhausts polished, interior vacuumed and wiped down to finish off the car ready for collection.

Prices from £300+vat please get in touch with details of your vehicle so we can quote accordingly.

Upgrades & Bolt-ons
(all +vat)

Interior deep clean if required more than a standard vacuum and wipe down from £50-£100

Headlights restored from £50 per side (re-lacquered to restore to new), additional costs to remove can be applicable depending on time taken

Wheels off to be deep cleaned, polished and ceramic coated inside & out £45 per wheel

Calipers & hubs painted from £250+

Upgrade to Enhancement or Ultimate Detail package if you require more thorough paint correction

Please also check out our other services available or just drop us a line if you want to discuss the options in detail or if you have any questions regarding any services we offer (or you'd like to see)! 

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