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  1. We always take great pride in every car we detail and it makes it all the more rewarding to receive great reviews from our customers like this:

    "I couldn’t recommend Nick at DMC enough ( He is a master of his art. I was quite nervous booking my car in with DMC for the simple reason that I don’t like people working on my car unless they know what I am like. I am very protective of my car, as I am sure most of you are.

    Nicks knowledge of the cars and the products he uses is excellent and the big incentive for me was having every stage of the detail relayed back to me via Face Book.!/DetailingUK From initial deep clean and paint depth readings to 3 stage machine polish to SwissVax Crystal Rock being applied. 

    I thought my car was clean before but now it’s as good as new." 

    Full feedback thread on Pistonheads.